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Dr. Lim Min Yu

Obstetrics & Gynaecologist
Over 10 years of experience


As the medical director of Astra Women’s & Fertility Specialists, it gives me great pleasure in helping couples who are struggling with fertility fulfil their dreams of becoming parents. IVF and IUI can be daunting processes for many couples and I strongly believe in taking the time to explain the various processes to them so they can start their fertility journey with peace of mind.

Dr. Annabelle Chow


Over 11 years of experience


I find meaning in helping persons with mental health concerns, especially those with personality disorders and complex trauma, take positive steps to improve their lives. As women, we face many hidden physical and mental stressors each and every day of our lives no matter the circumstances we might find ourselves in. Each of our needs are unique and different, and I firmly believe that therapy must be carefully tailored to fit each individual need.

Dr. Ida Ismail-Pratt

Obstetrics & Gynaecologist
Over 10 years of experience


I focus on managing pregnancies and gynaecology conditions with a special interest in the prevention of cervical cancer and HPV-related diseases. I am also a strong advocate for raising awareness about the importance of HPV vaccines. I hope that with my care and support, women of all ages will be encouraged to take the first step towards a healthy future.

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