Our story

"Where life blooms"

Nectar is a community platform created by HiDoc.

The main objectives of Nectar are to empower women with the right knowledge to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care as well as catalyse the formation of a community-backed by experts focused on supporting women in their health and wellness journey.

Women often confide with their family and friends to seek advice on sensitive health matters. However, they often find themselves answering more questions which can cause both frustration and anxiety. Furthermore, not everyone has the same access to advice directly from an expert or even someone going through a similar struggle. Now more than ever, women need trusted resources to help them navigate the uncertainties when it comes to their health and wellness.

With Nectar, women can now have access to a compassionate community where everyone can exchange experiences and views without prejudice or judgement.

Nectar hopes to empower a new generation of women.