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What is Nectar?

Nectar is a trusted community platform focused on delivering knowledge, health advisory and services to help women make informed health choices at every stage of their lives.


With an ecosystem of medical providers, healthcare services, insurers, and partners, Nectar delivers critical, collectable and collative information to arm women with knowledge to manage their health.


Committed to inspiring women of all ages to achieve optimal health through self and preventive care, Nectar aims to catalyse the formation of a community focused on supporting women’s health and wellness in the Asia-Pacific region.

Is Nectar for me?

Nectar is suitable for women from ages 18 and beyond. Nectar curates health and wellness content and activities specifically crafted and customised for each individual user. Additionally, Nectar membership packages include personalised health and wellness plans designed for members.

What can be found in the Nectar app?

Health & Wellness Content – Curated and personalised content with topics ranging from mental wellness, sexual health, nutrition and overall general women’s health.


Events/Webinars – Members are able to attend exclusive health webinars and group workshops with leading specialists in addition to various health plans specially created to cater to every woman.


Ask the Expert Community – Browse and read health topics and responses shared by our panel of healthcare experts! Members will be able to post questions and get responses from  healthcare experts as well as answers from our community of women.


Virtual Care –Seek second opinion with our experts over teleconsultation. Consulting a healthcare expert has never been easier, simply purchase a teleconsultation voucher at our e-shop and schedule a virtual appointment.


Members will be entitled to complimentary teleconsultation with our experts.  

Is Nectar free to all?

Nectar is free for all to use. Sign up for free and begin exploring Nectar’s articles and community conversations now!


Different tiers of membership options however are available to cater to the needs of different individuals, with entitlements ranging from unlimited access to content, exclusive access to the Experts, to unique health and wellness plans, and many more.

How can I register for an account?
Simply create an account.

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How do I become a member?
To become a member, simply purchase either the Standard, or any one of the three Premium memberships available in our eShop. Want to know more about the benefits of having a paid membership?

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What is the difference between a registered user and membership?

Everyone is welcome to join Nectar! Having a paid membership allows you to the following entitlements:

✓ Unlimited access to articles

✓ Access to videos and podcasts

✓ Have a burning question? Ask our Experts

✓ Get invited to events and webinars

✓ Enjoy discounts off all products on the e-shop

✓ Get access to lifestyle trackers

✓ Get access to women’s health specialists

Want more? The Premium membership offers even more with:

✓ Personalised women’s health plans with health screening and consultation with specialists

✓ Group workshops on mental health led by professional clinicians

✓ Extensive list of women’s health specialists

✓ Wellness, Period & Weight Management Trackers all in one app (Coming soon in Q1 2021)

Could you share more about the experts on Nectar? Are they certified?
All medical doctors and specialists on Nectar are Singapore-registered and licensed with the Singapore Medical Council. They hold doctoral degrees in medicine and have undergone the requisite post-doctoral training necessary to be registered as doctors in Singapore.

The experts on Nectar also include highly experienced psychologists and dietitians who have been professionally trained.

With Nectar, you can speak to an expert by connecting with the community or through virtual consultations with HiDoc, a teleconsultation platform in Singapore that provides specialist services and prescription fulfilment.

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Where can I download the Nectar app?
Nectar is a  web app, this means that you can easily access Nectar wherever you are, without consuming additional storage space on your mobile device!

Save the Nectar app on your home screen by following these simple steps.

Steps to Download
How long does it take to activate my membership?

Memberships are activated immediately upon purchase.

What happens to my membership after a year? Will it be auto renewed?

Membership is auto-renewed and you will be prompted when the yearly membership is expiring.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my membership tier after signing up?

Membership is non-refundable. However, an option to upgrade is available. If you’d like to upgrade your Standard membership to Premium membership, all you have to do is to purchase any one of the three Premium memberships and you will automatically be upgraded. Your membership validity will be updated to reflect a one year validity from the date of upgrade.

What are the available modes of payment?

We accept online payments via major debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

I am unable to access my Nectar account, who can I contact?
If you require additional information on the membership or if you are experiencing an issue creating an account,  please get in touch with us.

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