A woman’s health is
her capital

Nectar helps to ensure that your organisation thrives by supporting your women employees at every step of their health and wellness journey.

Why Nectar is for you?

Nectar is designed to empower women to take charge of their health and wellness with customised health plans which cater specifically to your employees and by delivering healthcare content specially curated for them at every stage of their lives.

On top of that, your female employees will gain access to our community of healthcare experts who are on standby to provide responses to any healthcare related questions.

With Nectar, your female employees will gain:

Demonstrate your commitment to diversity and promoting women’s health

Diversity brings about better ideas and more women means better business. It is without a doubt that the increasing prominence of women in the workforce have led to improvements in productivity, innovation, morale and better working environments.

How do you ensure that your women leaders are being taken care of?

With Nectar, we have you covered with our comprehensive health plans catered specifically for women of all ages.

Empower a new generation of healthy women today

Interested in providing the benefits of Nectar to your staff?

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